JEMS Magazine: Not-So-Forced Entry

Not-So-Forced Entry

By Fran Hildwine – JEMS Magazine

Don’t you just hate it when you see the unconscious subject through a window, can’t force the door and have to wait three or four minutes for the first-due engine or rescue company to arrive in order to gain access? The new W Tool from the Weddle Tool Company is a compact entry tool that offers EMS an alternative to knocking a door off its hinges. The 27-lb. unit’s hydraulic ram is placed at the strongest lock of any door that swings inward. A few pumps of the handle spread the jamb apart, and entry is made within a few seconds.

The nice part comes when you leave the scene. Instead of calling a carpenter, most times the jamb will spring back into position, and you can lock the door with the key. Damage cannot always be avoided when using the device, particularly when windows are near the door or if the door is set in masonry. A number of attachments also allow you to use the W Tool as a structural or vehicle rescue tool. Training takes about 10 minutes, and you can now open your own doors-most of the time.